Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Longer days, consumerism, books, time, state of the union.....

First things first. Nice ones, for a change. The days are getting longer, yay. I am going to California. Which isn't necessarily yay, but it'll be in the 60 and 70, which beats the teens in MI.

Lately I've been reading about people writing books about their "year off shopping". I try not to buy unnecessary things, but going to a bookstore is always a danger. I went yesterday to get one book, and came back home with 11. Now I just need to stop spending time at the computer, and go back to reading. Not too long ago, I decided that I've watched one too many episodes of Law and Order, so I canceled our cable and went back to reading. It felt great. Should I cancel my high speed internet? Hmmm..... I need even longer days.

My breathing hasn't been too great lately. The doctors say it's stress induced. I expect to discover how long exactly I can go without breathing later this evening. Why? The State of the Union has become stress inducing lately. If you count 5 years as lately :)

There was something else I was going to mention, but it escapes me. Oh, I got it. The Jesus Camp. Again. Well, this is the reason. I have to see the dvd now, really curious about extra scenes. But more importantly, half way down I saw a link for Friends of God: A roadtrip with Alexandra Pelosi . Yes, that Pelosi. Well, not that one, but her daughter. Anyway, the movie is on Thursday, and luckily I'll be in a hotel that has HBO and will be able to see it! Yay.

A friend is making pasta with truffles, so I better go help, since he was kind enough to come in and cook at our house :)

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