Thursday, December 28, 2006

Horrors of Christmas

So, I'm getting back to this blog thingy as it is everywhere around me lately. I'll probably start a new one, but since this one is already here. Anyhow, back to the announced topic.
I've been working hard on my in-laws. They are learning, albeit slowly. Mark's brother learns the fastest. He got us a flash that Mark had lent him few weeks ago :) His mom and her husband are getting better as well: we got two home made quilts. That brings the number we own to about 12, but they are useful, and cute, so no complaints there. His father and his wife are little trickier. Our first gift was an envelope, home made, looking terribly like the one we gave them the previous year, and containing an identical thank you note from Heifer, saying they are very pleased by the goat and a flock of geese we were so generous to purchase. As I am thanking profusely I'm thinking: "Sweet!!!! I win." I was so excited. Next thing I know I've also gotten a personal blender (don't ask), and Mark got a kerosene heater for the garage so he can work on his projects in the winter as well. We also got a leather wine carrier with all sorts of gadgets attached, a lantern, something tool-like and a bag doubling as a sock full of stuff. We'll see how we do next year.